About Us


We envision a county where a commitment to optimizing health and wellness is embedded in all decisions by residents, organizations, and government.


Community Vital Signs is guided by the following values:
Community-driven: Shared leadership by and for residents, engaging and empowering all voices
Cultural competency: Respecting and valuing diverse communities and perspectives
Inclusion: Actively reaching out, engaging, and sharing power with diverse constituencies
Equity: Access to participation, resources, and service addressing historical inequities and disparities
Integrity and Accountability: Transparent and cost-effective use of resources
Collaboration: Shared ownership and responsibility
Systemic change: Transform structures, processes, and paradigms to promote sustained individual and community health and well-being


Originally initiated by San Bernardino County Departments of Public and Behavioral Health as well as Arrowhead Regional Medical Center, Vital Signs has transformed into a community initiative to improve the health of all County residents.

The Inaugural Community Workshop was held in September 2011. During the day-long collaborative session, over 80 community stakeholders representing local nonprofit hospitals, universities, government agencies, businesses, faith and community-based organizations throughout the County discussed the Purpose of Vital Signs, outlined the Value Statement, and shared ideas in developing a collective effort to improve the health and well-being of the community.

A work group of ten participants was selected by this larger body to finalize the Purpose, Value, and Vision statements of Vital Signs. In March 2012, a cross-sector of community leaders and decision makers throughout the County gathered again at the next Community Vital Sign Stakeholder Summit to discuss and adopt the Vision, Value, and Purpose statements developed by their peers.