County Vision Initiatives


San Bernardino County residents are invited to get up and get active in 2017! The Vision2BActive campaign aims to improve health and wellness by encouraging residents to increase their physical activity and by connecting them to existing recreational programs, amenities and activities in their communities.


Literacy has a direct impact on elements of a community, especially jobs and the economy, education, public safety, and wellness. Community Vital Signs Initiative supports the Vision2Read campaign designed to help improve literacy throughout San Bernardino County by connecting people to literacy programs. To learn more, visit


San Bernardino County residents, families and business owners are always striving to make their communities safer. The Vision4Safety campaign aims to bring people together to create safer neighborhoods, schools and workplaces in all of our cities, towns and communities. Join a neighborhood watch group, learn how to prepare for emergencies, and follow professional safety tips to keep you and your family safe at