A graphic featuring photos of community members and local landscapes. Around the photos, the graphic features the words Community, Health, and Equity.

You Spoke. We Listened. Now Let’s Share!

Our Community residents from across San Bernardino County came together at the Community Action Planning meeting on August 1, 2023, to learn about the health issues THEY felt mattered most. Special guest presenters shared local information and data on health topics experienced by the community and engaged in a community process in identifying solutions THEY felt best for improving their health and that of their community.

Community Vital Signs invited county residents, community stakeholders, and organizations to the free and open meeting to ensure community input was obtained for updating the San Bernardino County Community Transformation Plan, which will serve as a guide for improving our county’s health outcomes. 

As a result of this community meeting, attendees:

  • Learned about the important issues residents prioritized in the Community Health Survey.
  • Learned about the four social drivers that lead to health problems
  • Participated in a community discussion to explore and share solutions for addressing the top health issues.
  • Participated in a real-time voting process to select and prioritize the solutions they preferred to see community action.

Check out the agenda and the meeting slides from the meeting below!

Top 3 Issues Identified By Residents
Of San Bernardino County:

• Mental Health

• Chronic Disease

• Injury and Violence Prevention

Watch a recap of our Community Action Planning meeting.

This event is sponsored by the San Bernardino County Community Vital Signs Initiative in partnership with the San Bernardino County Department of Public Health.